MISRA steht für "Motor Industry Software Reliability Association".

Leitspruch von MISRA (laut https://www.misra.org.uk/MISRAHome/WhatisMISRA/tabid/66/Default.aspx): We provide world-leading best practice guidelines for the safe and secure application of both embedded control systems and standalone software.
MISRA is a collaboration between manufacturers, component suppliers and engineering consultancies which seeks to promote best practice in developing safety- and security-related electronic systems and other software-intensive applications. To this end MISRA publishes documents that provide accessible information for engineers and management, and holds events to permit the exchange of experiences between practitioners.

Für logi.CAD 3  relevante Publikationen:

  • MISRA AC GMG: Generic modelling design and style guidelines
  • MISRA AC AGC: Guidelines for the application of MISRA-C:2004 in the context of automatic code generation
  • MISRA-C 2004: Guidelines for the Use of the C Language in Critical Systems

Beim Validieren einer Anwendung ist es u.a. möglich, bestimmte Namen in der Anwendung auf ihre MISRA-Konformität zu prüfen. Details: siehe "Vorgaben für Namen von Projekten/Ordnern/Objekten"